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What is Virtual Guard?

Virtual guarding replaces the manual and non-productive patrolling job scope of a security guard. Artificial Intelligence with advanced video analytics to conduct virtual patrol automatically with the ability to conduct unlimited guard patrol which is not humanly possible with human guarding. A guard patrol report is generated automatically at the end of each patrol with an internet-accessible web dashboard to access the guard patrol detail and to have performance metrics on the number and type of incidents. A secured Cloud-based option provides the capability to have the virtual patrol conducted locally on-site or at a remote command center.

  • Software solution where an operator seated in a control room performs unlimited virtual patrols
  • Complements and/or replace the physical patrols
  • The solution assist the controller to verify each of the camera’s views programmed in such software using the existing CCTV infrastructure and it is fully customizable
  • Reduce manpower and save cost

Reduce Manpower


How It Works


Guard Patrol

Digital Guard Patrol technology leverage on existing video surveillance without new expensive hardware investment to conduct automated guard patrolling every hour with any human intervention.


Incident Detection

Artificial Intelligence technology coupled with advanced video analytics will dynamically scan for possible breach of security or pre-set rules, escalates to the relevant people and generate an incident report for investigation.


Web Based Dashboard

Digital Guard patrol reports and incident reports can be accessed through our web browser-based dashboard. Additional information such as frequency of incidents at different time of the day is presented in a simple to understand infographics for improving situational awareness.



  • Reduce mapower and save cost
  • Increase of productivity
    (More frequent patrolling tours than with security officers)
  • Reduce the dependency of manpower
    (Thus no sick leaves, no traffic problems, no weather issues, etc.)
  • Support / complement the physical patrol
    (Eg. 2 tours per shift by physical officer and 6 tours per shift by virtual patrol)
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the site’s physical security manpower
  • Tackle complains of security officers, thus helps to reduce the staff turnover
  • Constant control on the equipment
    (Blurry images, dirty lens, image not focused, not sufficient light, etc. will be reported immediately to maintenance team)
  • Solution totally customizable

Prosegur Smart Centre - PSC

  • CAMS (Central Alarm Monitoring Station) certification from PLRD
  • DECAMS (Decentralized Alarm Monitoring Station) Certification from SCDF
  • Remote Monitoring Surveillance / Verification / Virtual Guard Tours
  • Immediate detection & response to intrusions into client’s premises
  • Remote arming/disarming of gates/locks

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